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Sharpest Wit

The Ravenclaw Common Room

Sharpest Wit: The Ravenclaw Library
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The private library of smarterthanthou, proud Ravenclaws of hogwarts_ch (HGCH). Membership limited to sorted Ravenclaws only. Please wait to be admitted.

All forms of written work are welcome here, though HP-related items are most certainly appreciated. Respect, as always, is mandatory; all pieces and feedback should be kept civil. Artwork is also welcome, if posted behind an lj-cut. Remember that some of our housemates may be underage--any work with a rating higher than PG-13 should be shown elsewhere until further notice.

Welcome to Sharpest Wit.

We're not too proud to appropriate: concept swiped from the Slytherin Library at proseapart. Layout by the lovely __bikinibaby. Community maintained by rhipowered.