It's in the rhythm of the dancer (gaidig) wrote in sharpestwit,
It's in the rhythm of the dancer

FIC: Studying (HP, G, Ron & Hermione) by Gaidig

Cross-posted from hgch_writers
Note: Please critique! I won't take offense.

Ron sighed and dropped his pen. Maybe if he just rubbed his eyes a little, they would stop crossing every time he looked at the book. Not that last book had been any better. After a while, words just started to look like twisted shreds of black ribbon pinned to the page. But he had to keep studying. If he could just do well on this test, really well, he might surprise Hermione, surprise her out of thinking of Ron as her bumbling, loyal friend. Kind, yes. Funny, yes. Brave, to be sure. Friend.

He had to impress her. And what else would impress Hermione? Not beating McGonagall at chess. He would bet not even beating Montague Knightley at chess! Not being Gryffindor Prefect. Probably not being Head Boy! Not being Gryffindor keeper. Not even if Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup!

No, Hermione liked quidditch, but no one cares about the keeper. Ron could just see her, with her hair shining and swishing, and her hand on Victor Krum's arm...

Maybe he should stop rubbing his eyes so hard. Oh, drat! A small lake of ink had leaked from his pen. A quick Drought Charm should take care of that. But what was that last word? How much of his notes had been lost? He could almost make out that word, but he couldn't remember how long ago he had written it. He frantically flipped back through the book to find the section the last notes had come from. Was that it? He thought he remembered that. Yes, he would just copy it again and it might be clear this time...
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